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Rangers. Brothers. Injustice will not win.

Four Texas Rangers fight the system to find justice for the wrongly accused.

This four-book mini-series features how the Texas Rangers right four wrongly accused. Company B is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and Northeast Texas, featuring the towns of Dallas, Fort Worth, Liberty Hill, Austin, and Rockwall.


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Jack MacKinnon, Jr. didn’t expect to retrieve a fugitive in the middle of his vacation. Thinking he was doing a favor for his Company, he gave his word that he’d escort Megan Harper to Austin where another ranger could escort her to Dallas. Then his best friend claims she’s being framed and will be killed if placed in jail. He wants Jack to hide her on his ranch. Jack can’t afford trouble during homecoming week while he fills in for his dad, a newly-elected state senator. With no desire to fill his father’s shoes as mayor, he’s anxious to get back to Company B. Keeping his dad appeased and a determined,

capable woman secluded from the person trying to kill her might just be the hardest thing this ranger has ever done.

Accused of murder, Megan wants to find out who’s framing her. That’s what she does as an investigative analyst. Should she ignore the ranger who’s putting his life and career on the line? Or play it safe and hide with his family? Her question is soon answered when trouble arrives in the form of a hit man. Jack has to find a way to keep Megan alive before her self-sufficient attitude gets them both killed.


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Slate Thompson became a Texas Ranger in order to uphold justice and make the world better one case at a time. ion only because his instincts were correct. It doesn’t make things easier when questions occur regarding a closed case about to go to trial. Slate’s gut tells him to go against orders and fly solo to find the evidence he needs before presenting his concerns to his superiors. How could research get him into trouble?

Vivian Watts has been desperate for a year. Her brother is being tried for murder and no one will help them. Vivian and her brother are the only ones who believe he is innocent. A good investigator might obtain the proof needed to free him, but she had no money to hire one after giving up everything to be near her brother. Then Ranger Slate Thompson knocked on her door with a question setting them on the path of the real killer. A killer who didn’t want to be found and was willing to kill again.

Helping clear Vivian’s brother will put his career at risk. But Slate didn’t become a Texas Ranger for job security…he wants to do the right thing. Keeping Vivian alive and obtaining justice for an innocent man is definitely the right thing to do…no matter what the cost. 


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They’ve been estranged for months, so Texas Ranger Heath Murray is surprised to be partnered with his dedicated FBI agent wife, Kendall Barlow. It’s the case of Kendall’s career—a career that has divided their marriage, though not their attraction. When their young daughter is kidnapped as a pawn, they have only each other to turn to. Saving her together is their only option. The alternative is unthinkable.



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Wade Hamilton loves hunches…especially his. But they have a habit of getting into trouble without backup. The last time nearly got him killed when he went against orders regarding the Harper case (JACK, Book 1). He’s lucky to have a job. And everyone in Company B knows it. He still has a position only because his instincts were correct. It doesn’t make things easier when his assigned desk duty brings up questions about a closed case about to go to trial.Luck was on his side when a mysterious woman contacted his partner for help. Now Wade can’t stop thinking about her. Friend or foe? He doesn’t know and no longer cares.

Sexy Texas Ranger Wade Hamilton was the upside of returning to Dallas for Therese Ortiz. He was the only man who had ever managed to sweep her off her feet–literally–in order to save her life. And he didn’t even know it. Her superiors insist she  have a “babysitter” while waiting to testify. The Federal investigator had been close to obtaining the hacker duo, Public Exposure, before the Rangers & FBI made the arrest.

Now Therese is really back to convince the two criminals to disclose specifics about their hacking program which is still missing. Homeland Security is afraid Dallas was just the testing ground for a hack that could shut down major cities. They’re making headway with the hackers, waiting for them to be arraigned when a gunman bursts into the courtroom and kills both men. Before one dies, he shares information that confirms Therese’s suspicion that a third man was running the show.

The man orchestrates practically flawless strikes on multiple company’s information and the city of Dallas is now their target. But discovering his identity without the program is useless. Will the man lead them to the program or will the program lead them to the man? Wade and Therese are at odds about how to proceed. Her job is to recover the program while his is to prevent the threatened strike to DFW International Airport. They must work together as the danger escalates and their attraction intensifies.

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