Bodyguards in Heels

Join me  for a mix of my favorite things in a brand new series. A little fun. A little suspense. A little love. And a little woo-woo.

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Seeing sparks fly between a couple is quite literal for Patty Mitchum. It’s taken her years to control and understand her gift—seeing cool, blue auras when couples are wrong for each other or red-hot lightning when their chemistry is perfect. And, when she’s lucky, she can touch someone and see the face of their true love.

Patty’s whole life’s been filled with frustration, knowing she could change the course of peoples’ lives for the best, but also knowing she’d be laughed out of town if she told others about her abilities. But now her grandchildren are in their twenties and unmarried. Finally, she can help them find the happily-ever-afters they all deserve.

It’s high time this match-making, motorcycle-riding Grammy takes the love-lives of her grandchildren into her own hands and gives love a sweet kick in the right direction.


A late-blooming ability to hear people’s thoughts ruins more than Hallie Barton’s carefully constructed FBI career. Shouldn’t the man who says he loves her believe in her rather than offer to pay for her psychiatric care?

Hallie’s grandmother, always a little off her rocker anyway, calls it a gift and suggests the now single and former special agent use the skill in private investigations company that employs every cousin in their unusually large family. With all of her big-bad mind-reading abilities, shouldn’t she have known Grammy arranged for their first client to be the last person Hallie ever wanted to see again?

Level-headed FBI Agent Gage Owens can’t get Hallie, his former best friend and partner, to talk to him. He should’ve believed in Hallie when she said she could read people’s minds. Now he has two problems… Not only is he in love with a woman with woo-woo powers who won’t give him the time of day, but she’s the only one he can trust to protect a secret informant on one of the FBI’s Most Wanted.

Can Hallie “hear” just how much he’s in love with her and forgive him the stupidest mistake of his life?


After an attempt on his life two years ago, millionaire businessman Russell Randolph needs protection, preferably someone who looks great in high heels and can pass as his girlfriend. Luckily for him, Carrie Dillon keeps a concealed holster strapped to her shapely thigh at all times. But Russ quickly realizes he needs to keep his eyes on his business, not the sexy bodyguard…or her legs.

Shielding the overprotective but insanely handsome millionaire isn’t Carrie’s only challenge since joining her cousin’s company, Bodyguards in Heels. Her Grammy wants to teach her how to use her family gift. Gift? Who knew what Carrie had always chalked up to hyper intuition was really a woo woo power that let her know when someone watched her?

When the murderers strike again, Russ can no longer fool himself that Carrie is just a pretend girlfriend. But can he trust her abilities to save them and a relationship with real staying power?


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Cop turned PI Brooke Henderson is hired on the down-low to keep an eye on Deacon “Tripp” Sanders after his team wins hockey’s biggest title. The gig should be as easy as an empty-net goal (yes, she knows her hockey!). The anonymous letter threatening trouble doesn’t have much merit and the gorgeous hockey phenom is certainly easy on Brooke’s eyes. If only her woo-woo power wasn’t in full swing and instigating trouble. The erotic pheromones she’d learned to hold in check were drawing men’s unwelcome attention…but giving her the perfect cover as a puck bunny.

Brooke might be trying to keep watch from a distance, but everywhere he looks Deacon’s eyes are drawn to the beautiful warrior like a loose puck in front of the net. Despite his annoyance that his family thinks he can’t keep himself out of trouble, can he convince this exquisite protector to stop fighting her erotic powers long enough to play his game?

But the game turns deadly when someone’s goal is to put Deacon in the penalty box….permanently.


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Coming this fall

Emma Tolbert has been chomping at the bit for her first big case at Bodyguards in Heels. She’s taken the classes. Got her certifications. Practiced until she has the best score on the gun range and can even toss her karate instructor. Who cares if she has no idea how to use her woo-woo power to understand machines? When she’s specifically requested by Grayson Lee’s management, she jumps at the chance to join the country singer’s protective team. She’s super psyched until she discovers she’s been hired to babysit…a guitar. Just her luck that the smexy singer won’t let it out of his sights.

Country super star Grayson Lee is riding high…until the man who pulled him off the streets and taught him how to be on top of the charts vanishes, leaving behind one of the most famous guitars in country music. To honor his missing mentor, Grayson is determined to play the guitar at a low-key benefit for servicemen and their families. But when threats begin, his insurance company makes crazy demands and sends a striking female bodyguard. He’s pretty sure he can protect his own dang guitar. It’s protecting his defenseless heart that has him worried.


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Coming this fall

The last thing Scott Mitchum wants is to join the Bodyguards in Heels agency his cousin owns. Heels? His come in one boot size only. But when his grandmother asks for a favor and he’s offered a large sum of money to locate and return a cute little filly…well, the dollar signs are too tempting to pass up.  After all, he did have a knack for finding things…even if how he accomplished it was a little on the spooky side.
Amanda Vandersal is on the run in a land she knows nothing about…West Texas. Skipping on her bail isn’t the right thing to do–she knows that. But until she finds someone to help her clear her of the charges, she’s go to stay one step ahead of the police. Jail just isn’t an option.