The Heroes of the Alamo

181 years of Texas ~ Did you know…? Inside the San Fernando Cathedral can be found a small coffin that most believe holds the remains of the men who died at the Alamo. Santa Anna had the bodies burned in giant pyres outside the fallen fort after the battle, and the ashes were reported to have later been collected and buried at San Fernando. Charred bones and other items were found in a box beneath the sanctuary railing during a renovation project in 1936. They are now enshrined in the cathedral. There are arguments that these ashes were not from the Alamo. You can decide. angi-morgan-heroesofthealamoangi-mogan-march-2017Enter for a chance to receive an autographed copy of Bulletproof Badge & a Starbucks gift card. Texas Rafflecopter Giveawayangi-morgan-hotice

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