The Stuttgart public library makes it near the top of almost every list of beautiful/interesting libraries from all over the world. I am blessed that my family’s new home, since we’re Germany for my husband’s U.S. Military support job, is just a short 15-minute train ride! I can’t check out any of the books (well, I could, but they’re almost all in German) but I enjoy just being there getting some writing done, including some of COVERT INTENTS, my newest #OmegaSector novella. Angi, come visit and we’ll go here together!

JANIE CROUCH is a Harlequin Intrigue sister and romantic suspense author. LUUUVVV her! I might just take you up on visiting !! I’d love to see everything in Germany. You can catch more of her Eropean Pictures every day at: Europe Through a Troublemaker’s Eyes. And enter Janie’s Contest for a chance to win Covert Intents.

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