Sunday with the Pups

Angi Morgan -RoxieInShadow
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2 Responses to Sunday with the Pups

  1. Joye says:

    I like your photos on your blog. I live where there is cactus and believe me, it is sharp.
    One of my chihuahuas fell into a jumping cactus and had spines stuck in in. Had to rush him to the vet and it cost me over $100 to put him to seep and remove them. We learned when we went out on the desert to leave our doggies at home.

    • Angi Morgan says:

      Thanks Joye !!
      We took Texas and Dallas to the Davis Mountains. Dallas got into a dried piece of cactus despite the fact we carried her on the hike most of the way. Then of course WE had to get into the cactus. It’s definitely not fun. Hope your little guy came out okay.

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