Sunday with the Pups: A Foster’s Adoption Story

AngiMorgan-1-Rios-10-13 RIOS bounded into our foster lives with big paws and an even bigger heart. Everyone who met the big puppy wanted to take him home (even our trick or treaters). But Rios decided on his family from the first squeaky toy retrieved. Melissa, Seth, Tristan & Parker saw Rios’ picture and knew he was the one. What they didn’t know is how Rios would react to them. Sometimes, dogs fall in love at first sight, too.

Rios 03

Rios had lived with us for five weeks. His foster brother and sister (Texas & Roxie) played with him constantly. He was never bummed–running, tug-o-war, wrestling, fetching, and learning tricks. He loves riding in the car or just sitting in it parked in the driveway. Such a happy dog. Meeting Tristan & Parker was no different. But for the first time, Rios didn’t need me or his sibs. Two young men captured his heart immediately.

Rios 06Tristan didn’t want to leave Rios or wait for another visit before the adoption. Rios was sympathetic, offering his own version of a hug. And when they did leave, Rios planted himself in the front window and watched…waiting. Once Rios met Teddy, the dog who already owned Tristan & Parker, it was official.
Rios 04



Now Rios fetches in the pool, guards the new house and is learning the ropes at his forever home.





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Angi Morgan -RiosOnTheLaptopPeople ask how we can love a dog so much and just give it away. It’s hard to put into words. Sometimes it’s difficult or inconvenient having three large dogs underfoot. More often, our house is full of laughter because we have three large dogs playing under our feet or dropping their sleepy heads in our laps. Being involved and sharing Rios’ story has really cemented in our hearts that fostering is helping a dog connect with his true family. It’s worth it. Especially days like the day Rios chose his.
Rios 07
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