RIOS is our new foster. So if you’re in the DFW area and want a great puppy… He is absolutely adorable.
He’s available through DFW Lab Rescue.
My name is Rios. They tell me I’m a big fella weighing in at around 75 pounds before my first birthday. But my foster mom calls me a bounding goofball (all in love, of course). I like to play with my foster brother and sister–chase, tug-o-war, and naps are my three favorite things. OH, and snuggles and treats and I better not forget food. Did I mention playing? I think that’s my most favorite thing of all, running in the yard. I’m so tall that I don’t need to jump to see people. I also learned that sitting gets me lots of petting. I’m learning to walk with a leash, I tug a bit because I’m so excited to see things. Mom’s amazed that I haven’t had any accidents, but I’m smart and figured the dog door out first try. I sleep in my crate at night, it’s my special place. I love my foster home, but I know it’s only temporary. I’m ready for a forever family and promise lots of playing and love.
A NOTE FROM MY “MOM”: Rios is a very big puppy. He loves everyone and doesn’t jump. When put on a leash, the first thing he does is his “job.” We’re not certain how he’ll be with children, but don’t foresee a problem because he hasn’t shown any aggression towards anything—one little bark at the stray cat on the other side of the fence. Rios will be attending Meet ‘n Greets and is available for home visits.

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