September Charms

Here’s the giveaway for September: Halloween Wine Charms
I don’t drink that much wine, but use the charms to just identify stemmed dinner glasses. How about you?
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Drumroll…My WEST TEXAS PROTECTORS heroines have new names.
THE SHERIFF: Pete & Andrea
This one just stuck with me.
THE RANCHER: Nick & Carroll Elizabeth will go by Beth
Named after both parents
THE RANGER: Mitch & Brandie
I wanted something two syllables that was very feminine and had no nickname

Andrea (submitted her own name)
Ellen Elizabeth (submitted her own name)
Jan V. (submitted Caroline)
& Brenda (submitted Brandy)

Just to let you know, my husband wrote all the names down (without contestant names) and we discussed why each name would work or wouldn’t work for about 2 hours. Some of the names submitted I really, really liked and will be using in the future. I very much appreciate everyone who entered the contest. If I can use the names as secondary characters in this series, I’ll be sending the submitter a book. The names are in my file.

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