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Cocoa, Ladybird, Sweet Girl, Sugar Pie, Red, …my foster family calls and I come. I was sorry that my first family had to leave me—they were the only family I knew since I was a pup. But having a foster brother and sister is growing on me fast. This playtime thing can be sort of cool. Every time I race for the squeaky ball and bring it back, another ball’s bouncing behind me and I get to run again. I sit pretty and I’m learning how to be patient. I’m practicing my walking in public (but can I help getting excited about all the new places and things I see when we leave the yard?). I’ve been quiet here at my foster home even when my foster sibs are barking. But if someone’s in the alley, I want my family to know. No “accidents” in the house, no sir! I know how to use the dog door or wait. I’ve slept in a crate, but I enjoy the futon a lot more.
Angi Morgan--Cocoa, Day 01
My foster mom says I’ve learned most of my manners. I don’t jump, I wait my turn for my meal, and I’ve almost got waiting for my treat down. As much as I love to play outside, I love to lay on the couch with my foster mom next to me. She works on that laptop thing, but when she’s not typing, she rubs my head and I fall asleep next to her. Running and playing is important and I love it, but being quiet and just chillin’ is important too.

My foster mom says I’m getting combed a lot and my fur’s as soft and shiny as my personality. She also wants me to toot my horn (I’d rather squeak my ball) and say I’m very loving and would be great for a couple or a family. I’m more used to no kids in the house, but over the last week I’ve met a lot and I think I like ‘em. My foster mom and dad can bring me for a visit any time. I’m excited about a new forever home and more excited to adopt a new forever family.


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  1. Brenda Rumsey says:

    So hope you find your FOREVER family Cocoa. You sound like a hunk of a guy. I’m so lucky to have found mine. I was just one pup in a river of dogs at the adoption center. Then this lady picked me up and rubbed my belly, so I nibbled her ear and the rest is history. Now I have three boys to play with…well two…one ignores me unless no one is looking. I even have a cat to torment…I mean train. Good luck…..Bella (a Beagle in truth, but human at hart).

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