Points on a Hike

Getting ready for a trek through the Davis Mountains with Cord and Kate from Protecting Their Child, Harlequin Intrigue, May 2013.

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Angi writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and her website: AngiMorgan.com
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4 Responses to Points on a Hike

  1. Brenda Rumsey says:

    Love this picture.

  2. EllenToo says:

    Beautiful picture but it reminds me of a time loooong ago when I was a child……my older brother and I were chasing each other in my grandparents land and I stumbled into a cactus that closely resembles this picture. Fortunately it was just a baby plant and I was wearing jeans.

    • Angi Morgan says:

      On the hike where we took this picture, Dallas got off the trail just a bit and stepped on a dried section of a cactus like this. Her poor yelps… Yikes. I think it was the first time my husband had ever forgotten his multi-tool. He swore he’d never be without it again. We had to pull the needles from her with out fingers. It wasn’t pleasant.

      I’m so glad you had jeans on when you fell.

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