Me & The New Kid

The “new kid” in our family is our 2 month old black Labrador puppy who we named Valentine.
Angi Morgan & Valentine
Some might think it’s too soon, but if you’d been here this week and seen how lonesome Tex has been without his buddy, Dallas — well, you’d think the timing is perfect. Valentine was waiting for us at the Dallas Animal Shelter along with many, many pups and adult dogs. Tim, Kourtney and I wish we could have brought all of them home with us. I hope they all get adopted.

Last May we made a commitment when we discovered that approximately 70% of all animals put down were black–and a high percentage of those were large dogs. So by adopting another black Labrador, we weren’t trying to replace Dallas (she can never be replaced). We looked at all the animals and then met Valentine. She jumped straight into our hearts.

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4 Responses to Me & The New Kid

  1. Kaelee says:

    Angi ~ I don’t follow social media so I was sorry today to hear about Dallas passing away. I’m glad you were able to find Valentine to keep Tex company.

    I know when our very first cat, Tiger, adopted a brother, Fluffy, that Tiger went searching for Fluffy after he passed away. We had to adopt another cat so Tiger wouldn’t be so lonesome. Sometimes your pets need a buddy as well as you.

    I hope Valentine brings a lot of joy to Tex and the rest of the family.

    • Angi Morgan says:

      Thank you Kaelee. They’ve been playing and napping together all day. They’re fun to watch…especially when Tex demonstrates the doggie door. LOL

      I’ll say this often — Dallas was a ring-tail-tooter of a puppy. Full of life and joy. She’ll definitely be missed and left a huge gap. Valentine is doing a great job jumping into that hole and spreading the love.

  2. Kaelee says:

    PS ~ I love Valentine’s big brown eyes.

    I also know how hard it is to go to the humane society and come home with only one pet.

    • Angi Morgan says:

      Definitely. Heartbreaking. If you have a home for a pet, please take one of the unfortunates at a facility that can’t turn pets away. Several of the 2 year old and older dogs can be adopted with the fees waived. There’s even a reduced priced for Seniors over 55. So many animals that can fill our hearts with love.

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