Since Kaelee, Ellen & Brenda commented so often, they’re all receiving their choice of Rick’s phtographs.

The pictures are all beautiful, making it hard to choose, but my favorite was the sunset with the windmill. I love the magic of sunset. Rick caught the blush of a sinking sun on a darkening world perfectly. And the picture reminds me of my childhood when my family would drive home from visiting my grandmother on the country roads of Oklahoma. ~Brenda

This was a hard choice to make but my husband and I finally picked the windmill scene. Loved the stark beauty of the picture. The contrast between the man made structure and the two trees is just perfect.
Runner up would have to be the inchworm followed by the Cyprus trees. How lucky Rick was to capture the inchworm. The Cyprus trees are so stunning. ~Kaelee

Thank you and Rick for being so generous. I have loved all of the pictures but my choice is the trees as it reminds me of a fun time in my youth with my family. I would love to have a print to add to my living room wall where I have other pictures of memories. ~Ellen

Photography by Rick Minick
THANKS everybody for commenting on Rick’s work!

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