My Wonderful Friends

I had to say goodbye to a wonderful and loyal friend yesterday. Pepper has been with us for 12 1/2 years. The lymphoma finally took over, but never got the best of her. What a wonderful trooper. I can’t say she was the best dog in the world but she was equal to Logan–who we lost two years ago this week. Pepper’s last moments were playing ball and barking because she wanted to run, irritated because her body just wouldn’t let her play.

Saying goodbye is so hard. I prefer “til we meet again” because there can’t be a Heaven without the joyous people or best friends that God gave us here on earth.

August 16, 1999                   November 1998
to April 5, 2012                    to April 1, 2010

Til we meet again, loyal friends.

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8 Responses to My Wonderful Friends

  1. Angie, one of our favorite dogs was a balck and white cocker named Pepper. May not be orthodox–but I believe I’ll romp and play with her too–someday, some place. Sorry about the loss.

  2. Christine says:

    I’m so sorry she’s gone. But I can imagine her having a great time in Heaven, seeing Logan again and running for all she’s worth! My thoughts and prayers are with ya’ll 🙁

  3. Ella Slayne says:

    Oh sorry to hear your sad news 🙁 We got a our first puppy this time last year, I’d never had a dog before and I had no idea how attached we would all become to her! She is the best thing we ever did for our family; she is loyal and loving…and completely adored by my three children.
    It must have been so hard saying goodbye to a dear friend but good to know you had twelve wonderful years together. Ella

    • Angi Morgan says:

      Attached doesn’t completely describe it, does it?

      Logan & Pepper were our first pets. For some odd reason, neither Tim or I ever had our own dog growing up. So these “pups” were not only our children’s first dog, they were ours too.


  4. Roxann says:

    Angi, so sorry to hear of your loss. It’s so hard to lose a dear friend. Thinkin’ of you.

    • Angi Morgan says:

      Thank you! Keep those thoughts coming. It’s very hard facing her tennis balls, blankets, and empty feeding dishes…. Makes me want to run out and get a puppy. Today. Right now. But I’m waiting…for a little while.

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