4 Tweeting Friends

3 Wise Hoots;
2 Sleeping Dogs;
& a Squirrel in an Evergreen Tree

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Dangerous Memories coming in 2013
Hill Country Holdup & .38 Caliber Cover-Up
Harlequin Intrigues, available on-line

About Angi Morgan

Angi writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and her website: AngiMorgan.com
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5 Responses to 4 CALLING BIRDS

  1. Svetlana. says:

    Merry christmas angi and a happy prosperous new year to you and your family.
    Four it gurus

    You truly are an inspiration to me I’m going to be publishing my poetry books. Finger crossed that I can accomplish my dream.

  2. EllenToo says:

    You have me checking your website first thing every morning!!!!!

  3. Angi Morgan says:

    The best of luck to you Svetlana ! May 2012 be YOUR YEAR !!
    Go for it !

  4. Angi Morgan says:

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the pictures, Ellen.

  5. I don’t commonly comment but I gotta admit appreciate it for the post on this perfect one :D.

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