3 Wise Hoots

2 Sleeping Dogs
AND a Squirrel in an Evergreen Tree

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10 Responses to 3 FRENCH HENS

  1. EllenToo says:

    LOL….did you have to threaten the two guys to get them to participate??????

  2. misty c says:

    Merry Christmas Angi hope u are having a great December i have a birthday coming up next week trying to talk my youngest into making me a cheesecake for it and will soon be celebrating grandkid #4 a little boy yes another 1 maybe someday i will get a granddaughter to spoil but love all of them of course

    • Angi Morgan says:

      And major congratulations on the new grandbaby (had one of those in October…Mya).

      Yum on the cheesecake. Wish it were on my “lifestyle change” but alas, sugar isn’t.

      • misty c says:

        Congrats on your new one and why couldnt u have 1 little piece unless u did it for health reasons and u might be able to find a sugar free recipe online through a diabetics cook book my dady was diabetic along with most family on his side and a couple of my sisters so we had to find yummy ways to share with them too

  3. Perserverence pays off! I found the site! Love the picture and have no doubt the three of you could cause enough mischief to cause Santa’s eyes to pop!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend!

  4. Angi Morgan says:

    Ellen… Cutting up was the only way to get brothers to “behave” for the picture. LOL

  5. Angi Morgan says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to you, Jerrie !!

    Not certain how “wise” we are…definitely certain we’re pretty good with the wisecracks!

  6. love this pic–I’ll have to join y’all next time!

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