Discovering Vancouver ~ Day 6






The convention center in downtown Vancouver…a living roof…with 60,000 bees (shiver).  Cool though. 

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5 Responses to Discovering Vancouver ~ Day 6

  1. Kaelee says:

    I’m really enjoying your Vancouver pictures. i hope you are enjoying your visit there. I love Vancouver except I don’t like the traffic congestion.

  2. Sheesh, I’ve lived here all my life and didn’t know there were 60,000 bees living on the roof of the convention centre ~ thanks for the info Angi and have a wonderful visit here! 🙂 Rosi

  3. Angi Morgan says:

    Traffic? Kaelee…this isn’t traffic. LOL
    Try NYC, LA, or even Dallas… ACK !!

    Thanks for looking in !

  4. Angi Morgan says:

    I am loving my visit. Even if it’s sitting in my hotel room staring at the Marina while I write. Awesome Awesome Awesome

    And yes, the bees have their own keeper and are very numerous along the seawall flowers.
    Thanks for stopping by Rosi !

    ~~Angi (who happens to be allergic)

  5. Joanne Jamieson says:

    Hi Angi,
    Really enjoying your “Picture a Day” posts.
    See you soon, Joanne

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