38 DAYS of .38 CALIBER

DAY 38

Booksigning today at Barnes & Noble, Firewheel Mall, Garland, TX

I’ll be posting the winner of the contest Tomorrow… right here!

~ Angi

~ ~ ~

Romantic Suspense Basket Contest

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3 DVDs, 12 books, chocolate & bookmarks!
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About Angi Morgan

Angi writes Intrigues where honor and danger collide with love. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and her website: AngiMorgan.com
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4 Responses to 38 DAYS of .38 CALIBER

  1. Nas says:

    Wow! The last day! Day 38th!

  2. Angi Morgan says:

    Doesn’t seem possible that my turn on the shelves is over… If you haven’t picked up your copy of .38 Caliber Cover-Up…today’s the day !!


  3. Kaelee says:

    Hi Angi,

    Thank you for the most interesting pictures throughout this contest. I have enjoyed hearing a lot of the behind the scenes tales on different blogs. Hoping you have great success in the future because that will mean more books for me to read.

  4. Angi Morgan says:

    Thank byou Kaelee. It’s been fun getting to know everybody a bit better.
    The pictures will keep coming on the blog. I’ve had a lot of fun digging through old ones and coming up with the new ones.

    I want to continue to post pictures of people holding my books. Lots of fun putting faces to names.


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