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Thinking about Chicago at Thanksgiving time. We spent a Thanksgiving away from home, joining my husband on a business trip one year. And we’re doing it again (don’t worry, I have a house sitter–several in fact–and a Pit Bull). It’s interesting being away from other members of your family for a holiday. We were invited to join one of my husband’s co-workers for Thanksgiving dinner. We felt very welcome, but I really wanted to be in the kitchen….cooking. That’s where all the fun was (at least in my humble opinion). 

This year, we’re planning on a meal out. A family day. Phone calls. No rushing. No cooking. And no cleaning. Although, I have promised the house sitters a turkey before I leave. LOL 

From the John Handcock Building


Thanksgiving parade in downtown Chicago. Lots of picture-taking and lots of window-shopping this time. Lots of time to sit and write. Lots of time. . . 


I love being with my family for holidays. And I know it seems weird to even be thinking about Thanksgiving plans, but really, it’s not if you’re traveling and watching airfares. So what are you plans? Are you cooking? Traveling? Being with family? 


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