Spring Dandelions

Spring Dandelions

Last spring our yard was over-taken by dandelions and clover. To my grandchildren, the purple, yellow, and white colors were amazing. They loved picking the “flowers” and giving me bouquets. My husband showed them how to blow on the dandelions and make wishes, explaining that each little piece of white fluff was a wish being carried into the wind.

The reality was each little white piece of puff is a seed. And even though the “flowers” were pretty, they had to be dug up to protect the grass. The kids didn’t like it, but we made a game of who could get their pile of weeds the biggest.

Wishes are nice, but hard work cleared that yard. I was quick to point out later in the summer that the kids were walking on smooth grass instead of dried-up stickers. Playing with their slip-n-slide worked a lot better.

How does this relate to my writing? Well…putting in consistent hard work PRIOR to submission makes the editing process at the end of the book much easier. Learning the craft of writing, putting in your time volunteering prior to the sell… well THEN you have the support you need when your wish becomes a reality.

Wishes or weeds?

Wishes or weeds?

Anyone have an interesting story about wishes?




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2 Responses to WISHES

  1. Tim says:

    I still prefer to think of them as wishes floating on the breeze…not yardwork coming next spring.

  2. Angi Morgan says:

    Well… I like making wishes too.
    And I like pulling the weeds with you anyway.


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