Plano Balloon Fest
Picture number 1262

My husband and I went to a balloon launch this weekend. The balloons are beautiful, the sky was perfect, the air already warm. The balloons launched and floated into the air without a hiccuup.  

Did you see the caption for this picture? What you don’t know is this is picture 1262 our of about 1500. Don’t you love digital cameras? It’s a must to make certain everyone in the picture has their eyes open, their best smile, nothing in their teeth. No awkward embarrasing photos for this generation? Oh well.  I love digital for a totally different reason. I can keep shooting pictures until I get just the one I want (and I don’t have to save money to get them all printed).  

Fire Glow
Fire Glow


 I love the awkward moments of life. Those moments that cause us to “hiccuup” and keep the memory. Have you noticed that it’s the camping trips where it rains that get the fondest laughs? 

Full of Hot Air

 QUESTION: Do you have any “awkward” photos in your life that make you laugh today? 


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