Fall in Texas

Outside My Kitchen Window
 In north Texas, fall lasts about two days. Sometimes we get lucky and you can watch the transformation for a little longer. But honestly, most of the time if you blink, you might miss the leaves changing colors before they’re blown or washed away by the next rain storm.  I love to sit at my kitchen table for breakfast as the sturdy red oak next door changes. It’s the last one on the block, hanging onto its leaves until Thanksgiving. We’ve volunteered several times to rake the leaves for my neighbor…lots of fun when the kids are over to enjoy it. 

I lost a friend this past week. When a death occurs, it makes you appreciate your life and evaluate where you are (at least for me). Sometimes life is just a blink of an eye. Don’t let it pass you by.

The leaves next door

Was your last committment more about a sudden change or a realization you had growing on you for a while? 


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