Ecstatic, Delighted, Euphoric

My husband and I made the trip to our local Barnes & Noble store Sunday. And there it was…my first Harlequin Intrigue. It wasn’t all alone on the shelf, but surrounded by great names–many of them friends that I’ve made over the past ten years. But the feeling…is it indescribable?  

Dr. Jane Palmer, from Hill Country Holdup (my September release), knows a lot of words. And if she doesn’t have the exact word, she’ll go through the thesaurus until she finds the perfect word. Following her example…

Seeing my book for the first time was thrilling, exciting, breath-taking, awe-inspiring, awesome, rousing, exhilarating, stimulating, gripping AND motivating, inspiring, moving, rousing, grand, splendid, tremendous AND more than all of that to the tenth power.



These pictures were actually taken 9-14 by one of my CPs, Kym Roberts. Thanks to Kym for holding my hand as I visited area stores, dropping off bookmarks and meeting Community Representatives.

DON’T FORGET to leave 5 comments on 5 blogs I’m touring this week to be entered in a drawing. AND send me your picture holding the cover of HILL COUNTRY HOLDUP –you’ll be entered in another drawing for more terrific prizes.

CHALLENGE: You can’t say congratulations (to me)… and you can’t use the words above do describe what it WILL feel like OR did feel like to see your book for the first time.

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  1. Angi!!

    Congrats on seeing your first book! Enjoy all these moments along the way….

  2. Angi Morgan says:

    It was stupendous.

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